what i’m doing now

chockalingam rajendran (anand kumar)

oct 2021

(this is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too)



have had a lot of changes in my personal life over the past few months - lost someone very dear to me. making peace with the loss and accepting reality (definitely not easy)


I am mostly going to be disconnected from most forms of social media - to regain some of the lost momentum and focus over the past few months and create something impactful. call and email would be the best way to reach me



everytime i have wanted to take the cka exam (certified kubernetes administrator) in the past, a ton of things have cropped up and i have end up procrastinating almost always. i have decided to double down on and take this exam by the end of oct 2021.


continue to work on aks and azure content for my azuremonk video channel. will upload the scaling in aks video by oct 2021. aiming to create 1 video every two weeks consistently. fingers crossed


over the past few months have consumed copious amount of content on learning, productivity and focus - but have embarrassingly applied very few of them. will be applying the things i have consumed and report back to you on what worked and what did not.


aiming to complete a very challenging winter trek in the month of december - preparing for that by alternating the week between - walking, slow jogging, suryanamaskar - for now, while continuing to be consistent with the daily meditation habit

-chockalingam rajendran aka anand kumar aka azuremonk